Fun Math Session 1 Self-Paced covers the textbook Fun Math Problem Solving For Elementary School, which is volume 1. The self-paced course features dedicated videos designed to engage students so they learn while having fun.

Registration and tuition:

Required Textbook:

  • The Fun Math Problem Solving Self-Paced (Session 1) course requires a textbook: Fun Math Problem Solving for Elementary School. The textbook is required for all coursework. The textbook is hosted as an eBook on Note: the eBook is intended for online use only, and can be accessed from any device (PC, tablets, mobile phones) with a web browser. Printing and copy & paste are not available. The same book is also available in print form for $30.
  • For each chapter in the textbook, there are three sections of problems: Example Questions, Quick Response Questions, and Practice Questions.  The answer key to these questions are provided in the book, and they can also be discussed in the Online Class Discussion Forum.