Areteem Institute

Challenging Talented Minds with math curriculum that builds a strong foundation for long term student growth and success.

Self-Paced Curriculum

Learn at your own pace with self-paced courses featuring recorded videos plus practice problems.

Math Challenge Textbooks

Our Math Challenge textbooks offer problem solving fundamentals for upper elementary through advanced high school students.

ZIML Problem Books

Practice with problems from the Online ZIML Monthly Contests! Full solutions are included so you can learn from any mistakes.

Elementary School Problem Solving

Fun Math Curriculum

This course leads students through complex math concepts via age-appropriate approaches, such as fun stories in real-life scenarios, riddles and puzzles, magic tricks, cartoon drawings, jokes, etc. Math is fun! This course is designed by math experts who are passionate educators and work hard to present the fun aspect of math to young students to stimulate interest in math and develop problem solving and critical thinking skills at an early age.

Middle School Problem Solving

Math Challenge I-AB

Math Challenge I-A and Math Challenge I-B  are introductory level courses for 6-8 grade students who have limited experience with in-depth problem solving and math competitions. Students learn skills to apply the concepts they learn in school math classes into problem solving. Content includes pre-algebra, beginning algebra, fundamental geometry, basic number theory concepts and counting and probability. Students develop skills in creative thinking, logical reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills. Students are exposed to beginning contests such as AMC 8, MathCounts and Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle School MOEMS.

High School Problem Solving

Math Challenge II-A

Math Challenge II-A is for students who are preparing for the AMC 10 contest. Students are required to have fundamental knowledge in Algebra I, Geometry, Basic Number Theory and Counting and Probability up to the 10th grade level. Topics include polynomials, inequalities, special algebraic techniques, triangles and polygons, numbers and divisibility, modular arithmetic, advanced counting strategies, binomial coefficients, sequence and series, and various other topics and problem solving techniques involved in math contests such as the AMC 10, advanced MathCounts, ARML, and ZIML.

Hear from Our Students!

“The class was overall very fun. The best thing is that the teacher explains things that you don't understand so you understand it.”
MC I-B Counting & Probability
“I was able to learn a lot of things about geometry that I never knew before, and it was a good way to challenge myself.”
MC II-A Geometry
“The math problems were challenging and entertaining.”
UCSD Summer Camp

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